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Marketing Organisation and Practices for a Digital World


About My Work

Passion for Change

I help organisations adapt to changing customer needs and wants and have done so in management, consulting and academe. The coming era of digital transformation requires Marketing to "set up" and lead change on behalf of customers present and future. Marketing practices and competencies need updating to meet the challenge.

Practical and Rigorous

I have held leadership positions with global leaders in consumer goods marketing, IT consulting and latterly, academe. This combination helps me generate unique insights,  clarify complex subjects and challenge managers to advance an agenda of becoming market and customer centric. 

Innovative Thinking

My research is inspired by real world practice and opportunities, generating fresh insights into how marketing practices and capabilities develop in the context of technology-enabled change. 


Digital Transformation

I have published about technology led marketing change:  how to extract value from marketing technology, the role of marketing in the process (versus IT / analytics), the need to develop new capabilities and the nature of investment and change required. 

Being Customer Centric

A cornerstone of marketing thinking. My work focuses on  how to achieve it from where you are. Is this a massive top down change programme? Or middle management led initiatives that link up into a substantial improvement? Where is the governance of the programme? How do you build customer relating capabilities?

Realising Benefits from IT

Merely acquiring data and new tools (software) do not automatically result in improved performance. The marketing establishment needs to develop new competencies, and the organisation needs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship so that marketers deploy new insight and digital capabilities quickly. 

Democratising Analytics

Better software and easier access to large data sets make it possible for line (marketing) managers to form a bridge between analytics / data science and business needs. Democratising analytics allows managers to leverage "big data" and transform their businesses.

Marketing Leadership

Being customer centric in 2020 is far more than clever social media and advertising. Marketing needs to lead customer-focused analytics, marketing technology, customer and market data and agile innovation. 

Developing Competencies

The emerging world of work affords opportunities for continued development of skills and capabilities. We need to create marketing functions that direct this explosion of knowledge towards developing sustained improvement in our organisations.

About Me

Short Biog

Born and raised in Montreal, I have worked in Toronto, London and Stockholm. I started in marketing management with Unilever, then moved to management consulting, principally with large US IT firms and since 2006 have been a full time academic with Cranfield School of Management. Over this period, I have held operating board level positions and thought leadership roles.

As a researcher, I have published in leading  journals targeted at both other academics and managers. This body of my work is wide ranging and includes: developing marketing competencies, CRM, assessing marketing investment and corporate social responsibility. I have co-authored four books:  CRM, marketing measurement and organisational value proposition management. My current focus is on the digital transformation of marketing and attendant issues of change, marketing technology, developing the marketing organisation and competencies needed for 2020 and beyond. 

My first degree was a BSc in Economics from the Universite de Montreal. I then obtained a MBA from the University of Western Ontario (now Ivey School) and my PhD from Cranfield University.  

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